Top 20 Halo Diamond Earrings of 2022

Top 20 Halo Diamond Earrings of 2022

Finding the perfect pair of halo diamond earrings is not as easy as it seems. There are so many gorgeous diamonds available these days.

But the designs, and prices, vary significantly. Finding a pair that complements your style and enhances any outfit you wear is essential.

The halo diamond design is one of the most beautiful settings. If you’re searching for a pair of earrings that capture this timeless style, here are 20 top picks to consider.

1. Ingram Earrings

 NY19-17 Ingram Halo Diamond Earrings

Price: $34,000

Each Ingram earring centers an old European cut diamond. These diamonds are set in sturdy prongs to keep them secure. The combined weight of the two center diamonds is 2.90 carats.

What makes these earrings so unique and gives them that halo-like appearance is that the surrounding diamonds also feature the old European cut.

The total weight of the smaller diamonds on both earrings is 3.40 carats. These diamond halo drop earrings have a lever back style and clasp easily. The approximate length of the Ingram Earrings is 2.80 cm.

2. Fancy Yellow Diamond Earrings

10203 Fancy Yellow Diamond Earrings

Price: $86,000

These yellow halo diamond earrings are the epitome of elegance. Each earring has a yellow pear-shaped diamond set in 18k gold. In total, the yellow diamonds weigh 5.35 carats.

The halo diamonds around them are F color brilliant cuts with VS clarity. They are set in platinum and weigh 5.21 carats in total. A row of diamonds across the level back makes these earrings even more special.

Of course, the pear-shaped diamonds have full GIA certification, which is available upon request. If you want to own or gift halo diamond earrings that will make a statement, this pair is worth your consideration.

3. Stanton Earrings

14051 Stanton Floral Halo Diamond Earrings

Price: $8,000

Are you looking for one-of-a-kind diamond halo drop earrings? The striking Stanton Earrings will surely catch your eye. The bottom section of each earring is around 1.10 x 1.10 cm, but the total length is close to 1.60 cm.

A single platinum-made link chain connects the top and bottom parts of the earrings. Consequently, this allows the earrings to move discreetly and stand out, regardless of where you are. All diamonds feature an old European cut, and the total weight amounts to 3.20 carats.

4. Meadowbrook Earrings

13114 Meadowbrook Earrings

Price: $9,000

Diamond halo stud earrings are an ideal accessory for a cocktail party, church wedding, or any special occasion. The Meadowbrook Earrings are slightly bigger than one would expect for this type of halo diamond earrings. They’re impossible to miss and will command attention.

The center diamond weighs 0.63 carats and features an old European cut. The VVS2-clarity diamond has full GIA certification. The Edwardian style of the surrounding diamonds also features old European cuts. These platinum earrings feature a handcrafted design.

5. Pier Earrings

10609 Pier Halo Diamond Earrings

Price: $58,000

The Pier Earrings are a one-of-a-kind accessory. It almost doesn’t matter what you wear because this pair of Victorian-style halo diamond earrings will steal the show. The combination of silver and gold mounting adds another layer of charm.

The earrings feature 100-year-old rose-cut diamonds weighing nearly 5 carats with VS1 clarity. The diamond halo drop earrings are almost 5 cm long, and each contains 22 old mine diamonds around the center stone.

6. Irvine Earrings

GS599 Irvine Earrings

Price: $3,900

Charm, simplicity, and elegance are all words that describe the Irvine Earrings. They’re the perfect gift for someone in your life who loves halo earrings. The diamond carat weight amounts to 1.60 carats total, and the measurements are 10.90 x 10.90 mm.

These earrings are platinum, though the lever backs are 18k gold. This combination of metal allows for a better mechanism and ensures the earrings feel better.

7. Estoril Earrings

12584 Estoril Earrings

Price: $4,800

Art Deco may seem like a distant era in many ways, but not when it comes to jewelry. Clean and sleek design, along with geometric artwork, is what places the Estoril Earrings firmly in the Art Deco category. These halo earrings diamond and platinum are handcrafted.

The bottom section contains old European cut diamonds, each weighing 0.40 carats. Equally important are the onyx ring flanks on the side of the bottom section. The earrings’ middle section contains a set of diamonds with 1.80 carats combined.

8. Norwich Earrings

12421 Norwich Earrings

Price: $5,000

These Edwardian-style halo diamond earrings feature old mine cut diamonds. What sets this pair apart in particular are all the intricate details, especially in the bottom section.

The drop is quite elegant and the earrings remain stationary, without dangling that can distract. The 2 carats for both earrings are impressive in terms of diamond weight. Indeed, the Norwich Earrings are the pair you’ll wear when you want to shine in a crowd.

9. Trenton Earrings Circa 1840

14007 Trenton Diamond Halo Earrings

Price: $5,500

If you love antique jewelry, the Trenton Earrings will likely wow you. These gorgeous 1840 earrings belong to the Victorian era and are handcrafted with 18k yellow gold.

The old mine cut diamonds feature I-J color, and SI1-I1 clarity creates a double halo around the center stones. They weigh 3 carats in total. These earrings are pieces of history and represent a timeless elegance.

10. Camborne Earrings

13204 Camborne Vintage Sapphire Halo Button Earrings

Price: $4,800

At first glance, these halo diamond earrings may appear like many other vintage button earrings. But the natural French-cut sapphires that circle the center diamond make the Camborne Earrings notably different.

The sapphire halo in platinum and 1 carat VS clarity diamond are a striking combination. You can wear these earrings to a casual get-together with friends or to the opera. Either way, they will complement your style and accentuate your facial features.

11. Lorne Earrings

12666 Lorne Vintage Halo Floral Earrings

Price: $4,200

The Lorne Earrings radiate romance and tenderness. These platinum halo diamond earrings feature two diamonds weighing around 0.32 carats. The surrounding halo is minimal but effective. The earring clips are made from yellow gold.

The Lorne earrings are classic and will suit many styles and personal preferences. You can combine them nicely with other jewelry pieces, like halo rings or a simple platinum necklace.

12. Cardiff Earrings Circa 1880

14022 Cardiff Vintage Halo Diamond Earrings

Price: $10,800

The Cardiff Earrings are a definite confidence booster. If you adore vintage jewelry and earrings in particular, this pair is a must-see. These Victorian-era earrings come with Euro backs and measure 16.52 x 15.80 mm.

The earrings feature a total of 4.85 carats of old mine cut diamonds set in prongs. The H-I color and VS2-SI1 overall clarity are impressive. Like all 19th-century jewelry, these earrings were handcrafted. Specifically, this pair features an 18k yellow gold construction.

13. Patton Earrings

OT1939 Patton Vintage Drop Floral Halo Earrings

Price: $3,500

We can never have too many Art Deco-style earrings, especially if they’re as beautiful as the Patton Earrings. For jewelry reminiscent of this era, they’re pretty minimalistic. However, the clean design is still evident. The center round diamonds weigh 0.40 carats each and look spectacular. The center and surrounding stones have a combined weight of 1.30 carats.

The designer likely wanted to avoid any unnecessary complications and distractions. These Art Deco floral halo diamond earrings feature 18k yellow gold backs and handcrafted platinum construction.

14. Veneto Earrings

EE317 Veneto Vintage Emerald and Diamond Floral Halo Earrings

Price: $68,000

What’s more perfect than a pair of halo diamond earrings? A pair of halo diamond earrings with natural emeralds, of course. The emeralds weigh 5.54 carats total, while the surrounding diamonds weigh 10.37 carats.

The Colombian emeralds feature a strong green saturation while the diamond halos feature the old European cut. The Veneto Earrings are vintage, and the 18k yellow gold beautifully complements the stones. If you’re on the hunt for truly special halo diamond earrings, this pair will not disappoint.

15. Canvey Earrings

GS585 Canvey Vintage Diamond and Pearl Halo Earrings

Price: $4,500

We have the best compromise if you can’t decide between classic halo diamond or pearl earrings. The Canvey Earrings are an impressive example of Edwardian-era style.

Each center stone weighs 0.08 carats and has two halos surrounding it. The first halo around the center stone has eight pearls, while the second halo has 15 impressive diamonds. The lever back features an 18k yellow gold construction while the earrings are set in platinum.

16. Salem Earrings

13562 Salem Amethyst and Diamond Earrings

Price: $960

The Salem Earrings are for the person with unique and exquisite style. If amethyst is your favorite gemstone but you also love diamonds, these earrings will likely impress you. A lovely halo of prong-set single-cut diamonds surrounds the oval-cut amethyst.

Diamond halo drop earrings draw attention and admiration. The earrings were handcrafted in 14k yellow gold. If you need a distinctive and incredibly elegant pair of earrings for a special occasion, the Salem earrings stand out in appearance and price.

17. Vail Earrings

13252 Vail Aquamarine and Ruby Halo Earrings

Price: $4,500

When we talk about timeless style, the Vail Earrings come to mind. This beautiful pair of earrings features two gorgeous aquamarines surrounded by a halo of calibre French-cut rubies. These earrings are made in platinum and with push-back backs.

The aquamarines weigh a total of approximately 2.30 carats. The total approximate weight of the rubies comes to 0.85 carats.

This particular pair of earrings feature colored gemstones rather than diamonds, however this set can be made with diamonds for either the center stones, the halo, or both. Reach out to one of our Estate Diamond Jewelry diamond experts to further inquire.

18. Diamond Pendant Earrings

7848 Diamond Pendant Earrings

Price upon request

Many people love pendant earrings, especially if they feature rose-cut diamonds with a gorgeous halo. These halo diamond earrings are 4.5 cm long, and the halo diamonds weigh 1.73 carats total.

The rose-cut diamond in each earring weighs 2.24 carats. The diamonds are set in platinum. This choice of metal complements the style perfectly. Wearing these earrings will surely empower you and define you as a style icon.

19. Batley Earrings

12150 Batley Diamond and Onyx Earrings

Price: $5,300

Art Deco-style earrings are favorites to many. The Batley Earrings feature a distinctive geometric design and rely on the black-and-white color combination to capture attention.

These diamond halo drop earrings have a bottom and top section, each containing European cut diamonds and natural black onyx.

A diamond baguette link connects the two sections made from platinum. The total diamond weight is close to 1.80 carats and features G-H color and VS clarity.

20. Fullerton Earrings

MAR109 Fullerton Pear Shaped Aquamarine Halo Earrings

Price: $2,500

Halo diamond earrings are beautiful, and this pair is no exception. The Fullerton Earrings feature a pear shaped aquamarine flanked by a halo of single cut diamonds set in half-bezels. Atop each earring sits two additional diamonds

Each earring holds a diamond weight of approximately 0.48 carats. These earrings feature platinum on 18k yellow gold and have a length of approximately 2.50cm. 

Shopping Advice for Buying Halo Diamond Earrings

MD107 Holloway Earrings

Halo diamond earrings are a wonderful and valuable purchase. Whether you’re buying them for yourself or a loved one, it’s essential to know which questions to ask and which features are most important.

Here are a few additional tips when looking for the perfect pair of halo diamond earrings.

  • Only buy from reputable jewelers, both online and in person.
  • An expensive price tag is not always the best indicator of quality. Trends influence prices too.
  • A price that seems impossibly low can be a warning sign. Be aware of potential scams.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for GIA certificates.
  • Take your time with the purchase. Don’t let someone’s drive to make a commission influence your decision.
  • Allow yourself to enjoy shopping for halo diamond earrings.
Estate Diamond Jewelry Expert Ben with customer in the EDJ Showroom

Shopping for a lovely pair of halo diamond earrings should be a happy and exciting time. With the information contained in this article, you’ve learned that there are many fantastic choices available. You can focus on Edwardian or Victorian-era earrings or hunt for those unique Art Deco pieces.

Some people stick to the classic stud earring style, while others look for the perfect pair of drop halo diamond earrings. If you’re not precisely sure what you want and need some help in the process, Estate Diamond Jewelry will happily help. We have the expertise and experience to assist you properly.

You can contact us directly and schedule a showroom appointment. Another option is to have an online consultation with one of our jewelry experts.

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